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Fastisha. Get That Help Fast!

When tragedy strikes, your only hope is getting help from an expert, fast! Imagine being able to access the pro and knowing for sure that they heard your cry and are on their way to get you out of the mess.

That is what Abae Mohammed’s Fastisha App is all about; getting you frictionless access to health and emergency help wherever you are in Africa. Birthed from a hackathon by Facebook Developer Circles Mombasa, Andela and TechBridge Invest in 2019, Abae and his team put together a mobile application that connects users to the closest and most available emergency service providers in time of distress.

But such great ideas do not just happen.

Way before the hackathon ever happened; Abae was faced with a nasty health experience involving his infant son. It was 3am in the night and the little boy went into fits. With no idea as to how he could save his son, he sought help from his father who was able to tame the fever hoping to get enough time to access further medical help. However, it took the family 2 hours of googling and calling to get a vehicle to take the infant to the hospital!

You probably have been in a similar situation or witnessed one. It could have been a vehicle accident where the injured people needed an ambulance, fire ravaging a neighborhood but the fire taskforce could not be reached, or a burglary where the security guards would have saved the day.

Remember how agitating the scene was?

The minute you download and install Fastisha App in your smartphone (, you wish to could turn back the hand of time. Help would have been a push of a button away; Fastisha App could not have come at a more appropriate time.

A good reason why you should download it right away!

Since the deployment of the first version of Fastisha App in 2019, the app has wooed the hearts of about 350 users. This has been one of the biggest wins for Abae’s 6-man team.  It is through these users that the team is able to get actionable feedback enabling them to improve the App over time, giving birth to Fastisha version 3.0. The team also celebrates their ability to speed up the realization of the third SDG; good health and well-being in the country

But is this without any hiccups?

Every innovator’s journey is marked with more than just hiccups. Sometimes, such feel like dead-ends. Abae’s team first struggled to pinpoint the perfect programming language for the solution they had in mind. And when they did, they either lacked the knowledge to create a part they needed with it, or the language had acute shortfalls.

Again, they desired to create an App that could serve users whether online or offline, and still function in low-end smartphones. This spelt challenges in human and financial resources slowing down the implementation process. To date, Abae’s team works on a voluntary basis, forcing Abae to facilitate the team from his own pocket.

But Mr. Mohammed is not one to give up. This chief ideator is strong on making the App a success, thanks to his belief in staying focused, passionate and persevering through the ever growing pains of an innovator.

What Does It Take?

He advises other innovators, “Whoever wants to do something, and feels like it is something that will bring the best out of you, assist others and make positive impact, there are a lot of challenges out there but you have to keep pushing. You have to keep trying. One day, you will be able to help someone and save someone’s life. If you have the knowledge and the passion, don’t give up. Just keep pushing!”

While most innovators turn to grant sourcing when the financial road becomes bumpy, that road has not been as smooth to Abae. Every grant comes with a list of Dos and Don’ts. One of the clauses that has seen him tossed out of the grant room has to do with the charitability of Fastisha App. 

True, Fastisha App offers users free calls to emergency assistance which should earn Abae some level of hearing. However, service providers such as ambulance services, security company and fire teams have to subscribe to use the App since they too charge their clients. Besides, they have a free pool of users they can turn to clients at will. And since Fastisha App is housed under a for-profit company, getting grants is no easy task.

As the grant door closes, a new one opens to willing investors to partner with Abae’s team in alleviating human suffering. So if you are in the healthcare sector, operating a fleet of ambulances, have a fire team to your name or a security company, this is your chance of investing in Fastisha App.

You see, the App has two other dimensions besides the one users have on their phones. The second app connects fast responders such as ambulance drivers, security guards and fire truck teams to the users. While the third is the administrative side that helps to control the emergency operation right from the service providers office.

Say the user has a health related emergency requiring an ambulance, they trigger a signal on Fastisha App contacting the Ambulance Service Provider and the closest responder is alerted. The administrator in the office is able to see the driver that has responded and is aware that the particular ambulance is engaged and unavailable to respond to any other incident.

Fastisha App ensures proper and faster allocation of resources such that the possibility of two ambulances racing towards the same venue is nullified and response time is reduced. And a life somewhere in Africa is saved!

This spells the end of googling for fast responders’ phone numbers as the user is connected to an expert who guides them through the process of easing suffering as they drive to their rescue.

Is this not what we need in Kenya?

Abae’s team is dedicated to ensuring that Fastisha App works to the benefit of the users, fast responders and the related service providers. Not only do they reach out to the stakeholders to understand their needs, but they have received adequate knowledge to keep the ball rolling.

The team works from TechBridge Invest hub at City Mall Nyali in Mombasa where they are incubated after going through an entrepreneur’s acceleration program. They however are on their way to renting their own offices to enable them serve their clients better.

They also recently graduated from Mowgli Mentoring, a UK program empowering entrepreneurs create employment through economic growth. And in 2019, the team won the best HealthTech Solution award at the Mombasa ASK in collaboration with Mombasa County Government’s ICT Department.

Fastisha App is the flagship product of Huduma Fasta LLC, a company aimed at creating products that ease access to A-list health services around Africa. It is the App to have if you really care about your health and that of your neighbor. Download Fastisha here.

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