What's all the Buzz About the Young Innovators Magazine?

Young Innovators Magazine is a quarterly physical magazine targeting preteenagers, teenagers and young adults in various learning institutions across the country. It features innovative STEM-related projects done by youngsters, existing innovation exhibitions platforms, opportunities for innovations and sponsorship. It highlights innovative survival tactics students use to succeed in life.

Young Innovators magazine is a product of Tech Kidz Africa, a technology academy that nurtures the spirit of innovativeness in children and teenagers. It also conducts training in both rural and urban area schools.

Tech Kidz Africa conducted a needs assessment in the region and analysis showed that there is need to inspire the next generation of innovators about innovation. This led to the invention of Young innovators magazine.

We are up to something, BIG!

Kenya is known as the largest economic trading hub in East and Central Africa however it is currently having a youth unemployment rate estimated at around 39% (Bdafrica,2020). This is extremely high and it risks denying the country benefits that its demographics should offer. This situation is caused by a low skill base in the region and lack of creative ways that match modern economic demands.

This is the economy that we believe Kenya will have in the next 4-10 years as per our impact assessment. We therefore see a great need for all students in schools and other learning institutions to get extra knowledge on what innovation is and what other innovative young people are doing to change their communities. This will increase job opportunities and promote decent work and economic growth which contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 8.

... and so?

The essence of the magazine is to inspire the youngsters with real success stories and educate them using the innovations created by their fellows in the world of innovations to spark more curiosity, zeal and courage for upcoming innovations. It also exposes the bright minds to possible opportunities in public and private sectors in the country, continent and globally without discriminating their culture, religion, race and orientation.

Do you now see why we need to talk?