Reincarnate In Peace, Oh Good and Faithful Servant

Have you ever wondered why many people cling on to their laptops after owning such for more than five years?

Of course there are those who let go at the sight of a scratch on the laptop’s casing. That has something to do with swag. But for the rest of us, the main reason we cling on to these devices way after their services are a painful crawl, is the emotional attachment created over time. That tumetoka mbali, (this far we have come) feeling.

That feeling sometimes causes us to claim that we don’t have money to upgrade for better services, but deep inside, unbeknownst to us, even if we had the money or were presented with better versions, we would not want to bid farewell to these ‘e-employees’.

Let that marinate for a moment.

Do you now see the truth behind holding onto that snail-ing laptop 9 years after the expiry of its warranty?

There’s nothing wrong with loving it so dearly, besides, it is that good and faithful servant that helped you rise to the level you are in today. So embrace it. Tell it how you feel, like you do when it behaves badly. But when the time to let it go comes, do just that.

But wait. There’s a decent way of handling an ex e-employee. You no longer have to worry about it landing in the hands of a merciless techie who can’t wait to yank out its hard drive, screen or keyboard and toss its remains into a dusty cupboard awaiting the scrap collector.

Now, you can give it a befitting send off, allowing it to move to its next life and reincarnate into a more helpful e-employee elsewhere.

Does that sound more relieving?

Laptop Reincarnation

That beautiful send off for your laptop is made possible by e-waste collectors. And if you are in Mombasa, you are in for a great deal!

In comes  Boost Your Technology initiative by Close the Gap (CTG). The initiative’s aim is to raise awareness about e-waste and make high quality locally refurbished IT and digital tools more affordable and accessible to individuals and organizations that need them most. Together with their partners, they offer you three main ways to bid your old laptop farewell.

Here is how.

The first, upon saying your goodbyes at home, take the laptop to CTG hub at Ratna Square, Mombasa for evaluation. If it has come to the end of its life, it is received and later sent to one of their partners so it can evolve into its new life. That may include dismantling it with honor so the harmful parts are separated from those that can be recycled, and the latter reincarnate into a new ‘being’.

For letting the laptop go in the right manner, you are awarded a certificate, and are free to begin a new life with your next laptop.

But if your laptop still has a bit of life left inside, then path 2 comes to play.

In the option, you could let CTG have it and they expressly let you know of its next life. That involves refurbishing it so it is sent to an impact institution, say an orphanage. They could also sell it back into the commercial market. Either way, you get a certificate indicating that your data was wiped off as part of the process and another for one for properly disposing it.

For a bonus option, consider buying one of CTG’s locally refurbished laptops and have your data transferred at a small fee before moving on to its after-life. You still get a certificate for that!

Close the Gap is working on a formula to incentivize people who give their computers; laptops and desktops a decent send off as a way to encourage proper handling of e-waste. Though you may have to wait till the end of this year to benefit from this service, it is encouraging to know that the remains of your lovely laptop aren’t going to end up under some ugly cupboard choking in dust.

Why not take this time to save for your computer’s successor as you say your sweet goodbyes, wishing it well in its next life?

Better still, let CTG help you through the process

Fare thee well, oh good and faithful laptop. We shall see you in the next life.

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