For the longest time in Kenya, sending a child to school came along with a set of rules. You are looking at the early morning bell, 45 minutes prep, school assembly and then 10 sessions of cruising between one subjects in exactly 40 minutes. Of course there are about three sessions running between quarter an hour to sixty minutes when the kids have time to snack, run to the loo and play.

And with this cycle repeated from Monday through Friday, the little fellows have plenty of homework to tackle from each one of the teachers who visit their classrooms.
So would you expect that kid to have something unique boiling up from the inside?
Say, a new game to play during break?
Or maybe, a recipe to try in the evening when they get home?
School life isn’t that bad. Yes, it is tight, but you can expect a few good things from the youngsters. Like the reason why the Young Innovators Magazine exists.

The Xcape Moment

You see, there are several sessions in a week that a child’s brain is set free from the school assignments. A moment when the young one trails off from a lesson and daydreams about a life they believe should exist. The Young Innovators Magazine crew likes to call such time ‘the Xcape Moment.’

That’s when they remember a situation that they came across and begin to reconstruct it into something they would rather experience than what the situation was. Xcape Moments are fueled by movies, computer games, real-life experiences, to mention but a few. Some kids are lucky enough to have opportunities to transform their daydreams into tangible products with the help of their parents or teachers. Unfortunately, others never do.

While the latter is a sad scenario, the former cannot be ignored. And that is where the innovations featured in the Young Innovators Magazines come in. But it takes setting a child free to dream and guiding them to breath life into it.
So where does that leave the parent or teacher handling the daydreaming fellow?

How about recommending a weekend class to help actualize that dream?
Not everyone will buy into that idea though, that much is well known and to some extent may make sense. But when you see a 13-year old fellow from another country running their business while our own here is Kenya is still struggling to find x, you will realize that setting them free to dream is a much better idea.
But we won’t push you to buy the idea, we will let you make that decision on your own